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Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation Defense

Workers’ compensation can be a complex field, but The Sanislo Firm, LLC, is here to navigate it with you. Our attorney, Kevin Sanislo, and the dedicated team offer experienced counsel to employers across Ohio. With over 15 years of practice, we focus on honest representation, efficiency and a commitment to excellent service and communication. If you are an employer with workers’ compensation concerns, our firm is here for you.

What Is A Hearing And Its Purpose?

A workers’ compensation hearing is a formal proceeding where disputes related to a workers’ compensation claim are resolved. It’s necessary when there are disagreements between an employer and an employee about issues such as whether an injury occurred, the extent of an injury or the benefits owed. Hearings are conducted before a neutral third party, called a hearing officer. The state agency responsible for conducting these hearings is called the Industrial Commission of Ohio.

What Do I Need To Know Before A Hearing?

Before a workers’ compensation hearing, it’s essential to gather all relevant documents and medical evidence related to the claim. If retained, we will help you understand the legal aspects of the case and develop a strategy to effectively represent your interests. Knowing the specifics of the claim, the applicable laws and having a clear communication with your lawyer are key to a successful hearing. No two claims are alike, so the approach to each hearing must be different.

What Happens During A Hearing?

During a workers’ compensation hearing, both the employer and the employee (or their representatives) will have the opportunity to present their case. This includes offering evidence, such as medical records or expert reports, and arguing the merits of the claim. The hearing officer will consider this information, ask questions and seek clarification if needed. After both sides have presented, the hearing will conclude. The hearing officer will later issue a decision, which depending on the particular hearing level, can be appealed by either or both parties.

What Should I Expect From The Hearing Process?

From the hearing process, you can expect a thorough examination of the claim and a fair decision by the hearing officer. The potential outcomes can include the approval, modification or denial of benefits. It’s important to have realistic expectations and understand that the process is designed to ensure that all parties are heard and that the decision is based on the evidence in the claim file at the time of the hearing.

What Are The Next Steps After The Hearing Process?

After a workers’ compensation hearing, the next steps may include accepting the decision or, if you believe the decision was not in accordance with the evidence or the law, filing a timely appeal. If retained, we will analyze the outcome, advise you on the viability of an appeal and assist you with any subsequent legal actions required to protect your business interests.

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